RiskSMART accreditation means vast time and cost benefits for your project.

RiskSMART accreditation means vast time and cost benefits for your project.

Since mid-2010, our office as a RiskSMART accredited consultant has been able to lodge Development Applications electronically to the Brisbane City Council. There are vast time and cost benefits associated with this new method of lodgement. No longer is it the case that 6 copies of all documents need to be printed, binded and then personally hand delivered to the Council chambers. As Council no longer needs to scan and register these documents in their internal records section, the process also speeds up the time it takes for the assessment process to begin. Our office is now experiencing applications being available to view online and accepted as 'properly made' only hours after lodgement. It is expected that this process will be incorporated into the State Governments Smart eDA site soon.

The Brisbane City Council RiskSMART Tool was recently expanded to incorporate 'high level' applications, permitting compliant Development Applications to be lodged for up to 10 Multiple Unit Dwellings and subdivisions of up to 10 freehold lots. The RiskSMART Tool is an initiative of the Brisbane City Council, guaranteeing fast (10 business day) approval times and providing a level of certainty to our clients. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact one of our town planners.

Local governments updated their Fees and Charges schedules on the 30 June 2010, leading to increased fees for the lodgement of Development Applications, Compliance Permits, Infrastructure Charges and Plan Sealing Applications. It is noted that these fees are generally in line with the Consumer Price Index. Updated fees and charges can be found on each respective local government website.

In a somewhat controversial move, the State Government recently took over all aspects of water and sewer infrastructure from the Local Government. These entities (Unity Water, Urban Utilities will now be providing their own infrastructure charges advice to each Council, which will then be included as a Condition of Approval in your Development Application. It is noted that Urban Utilities will not be providing the 35% discount for early payment of infrastructure charges that the Brisbane City Council had been. Applications for alterations to water and sewer infrastructure (e.g. water meter, sewer connection) must now also be submitted through these new bodies.

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