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(Relevant for new estates):

Please note in order for us to provide a complete and accurate Contour Survey Plan we require all of the following to be completely finished on site before we can commence work:

  • Pegs (or at least stakes marking out the lots)
  • All services
  • Roads & kerbs
  • Earthworks
  • Retaining walls (completed & back-filled)
  • Clear site (no machinery, stockpiles etc on the lot to be surveyed)

Please note that ‘ready’ may mean something very different to us as compared with soil testers for example. So, please use the checklist above to confirm with the site foreman that all of these specific requirements are completed on site, prior to ordering the contour survey with us.

This is very, very important and will make the whole process much smoother meaning time can be better spent focusing on your jobs that are ready for us.

**If you require a contour survey for a particular lot very 'early on' (i.e. site not complete as per the above list) and accept that this means there will be information missing from our Contour Survey Plan, please let us know.

 Surveying map

Traveling fees outside of our “usual area”:

There are no additional traveling fees associated with jobs in the Greater Brisbane area – nor extending out to Beenleigh, Caboolture & Ipswich. Any jobs outside of this area will incur the following traveling fees:

  • Lockyer Valley (Hattonvale, Fernvale etc)             + $100 (+ GST)
  • Sunshine Coast                                                          + $100 (+ GST)
  • Kilcoy                                                                           + $100 (+ GST)
  • Toowoomba                                                               + $150 (+ GST)
  • Warwick                                                                       + $250 (+ GST)

Quote Request Form

Is the lot vacant or is there an existing house or dwelling on site?
For which services do you require a quote?

For Contour Survey requests, please attach disclosure plan (see example here)

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