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Firstly, are you in the building industry? If you are, we have a page specifically for you, right here

Otherwise, please feel free to fill in the quote form below and we will be in touch with you soon!

Is the lot vacant or is there an existing house or dwelling?
For which services do you require a quote?


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We will always strive to have a quote sent to you within 2 working days maximum (generally will be sooner though), including payment options if you wish to proceed with the quoted service/s.


Turnaround time:

Once payment has been made, we will always strive to have the job completed, checked and sent to you within the following time-frames (maximum):

  • 10 working days for Contour Surveys
  • 2 to 3 weeks for Identification Surveys (especially for the older areas - much more time and work is required for ID surveys; multiple site visits, many more searches etc)

These are the two most common surveys. You are more than welcome to request a time-frame for any of our other services of which you are interested in.

If urgency is required then please let us know and we will do our very best to accommodate. Please only request as URGENT if truly necessary.

All jobs will need to be quoted site-specifically. However, you can find a rough price guide below.


Average cost of commonly requested services:

(please note these are only a rough guide)

  • Contour & Detail Survey (residential) –                                                            $500 to $800 +GST
  • Contour & Detail Survey (part acreage) –                                                        $600 to $1500 +GST
  • Contour & Detail Survey (residential with existing dwelling on site) –        $1,200 to $2,000 +GST
  • Identification (Boundary) Survey -                                                                     $700 (newer areas) up to $2,500 (older areas) +GST

(Residential)= lot that is under 1,500m2
(Part acreage)= lot that is over 1,500m2 –detail typically only for the proposed house location


Factors that may effect the cost of a quote:

Contour Surveysif your lot is dense with trees/bushes this may affect the cost of the quote. 

Identification Surveys - a couple things that may affect the cost of the survey are if the lot is in a very old area or if it is on a very busy main road (i.e. may be closer to $2,500 in these cases). 

 Surveying map

Traveling fees outside of our "usual area": 

There are no additional traveling fees associated with jobs in the Greater Brisbane area – nor extending out to Beenleigh, Caboolture & Ipswich. Any jobs outside of this area will incur the following traveling fees:

  • Lockyer Valley (Hattonvale, Fernvale etc)                       + $100 (+ GST)
  • Sunshine Coast                                                                   + $100 (+ GST)
  • Kilcoy                                                                                     + $100 (+ GST)
  • Toowoomba                                                                         + $150 (+ GST)
  • Warwick                                                                                 + $250 (+ GST)
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