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Contour & Detail Land Surveying:landSurvingBrisbane

Contour and Detail Land Surveying is the starting point for most developments. Our experienced survey staff locate all existing site features and improvements (i.e. boundary pegs, fences, retaining walls, trees, driveways, houses, sheds, road kerbing etc).

Once this data has been collected in the field our drafting team then create accurate and illustrative plans, accompanied by digital site photographs, which are delivered electronically via e-mail (+ a hard copy sent in the post if requested). All of our Contour and Detail Land Surveying works are related to the Australian Height Datum (AHD) in accordance with Australian standards.

Our work represents the pinnacle of Contour and Detail Land Surveying and includes accurate grid-work spot levels, a contour interval of 250 mm, the top and bottom of banks, location of trees, location of overland flow paths and positions of adjoining houses. The location of sewer and stormwater lines/manholes are also located where possible and plotted onto the final plan.


Boundary Identification Land Surveying:

Identification (Boundary) Land Surveying involves comprehensive searches, computer calculations and field Cadastral Land Surveying in order to establish the precise location of your property boundary. Once the fieldwork is completed and the property boundaries clearly marked on site, an Identification Survey Plan is prepared, drafted, checked and lodged to DNRM (Department of Natural Resources and Mines). *Please note very new lots do not need an IS plan to be lodged.

Identification Land Surveying is an extremely useful tool for resolving boundary and encroachment disputes with neighbours, or when simply building a new house or fence.


Lease Surveys and Plans:

With our experienced land surveying and drafting staff, our office can provide a wide range of Survey Lease Plans for both commercial and industrial purposes.


Set-out Surveys:

Our Set-out Surveys provide builders with an accurate onsite location of the future house in its approved position. All calculations, checks and plan discrepancies are resolved in the office. The Set-Out Survey ensures the accurate relation of setbacks to the true property boundaries.


Once works have been completed, we provide the required Form 16 (Set-Out Certificate) for your Building Certifier.



Subdivision / Reconfiguration:

We are able to complete the Surveying associated with development approved projects including Survey Plan Drafting, Council Plan Sealing Applications and lodgement to the DNRM for Plan Registration and issue of the new titles.


Building Format Subdivisions:

Our office provides a wide range of professional services relating to all aspects of Community Title Subdivisions. These typically include Townhouse, Unit and Duplex Developments requiring Land Surveying works for Building Format Plans and Title Registration.


Height Certification:

All local authorities in South-East Queensland restrict the height of a building above "natural ground level", with any non-compliance requiring lengthy assessment by Councils and Building Certifiers. When a proposed or existing building is determined to be close to this maximum height allowance, the Building Certifier will often request that a Surveyors Height Certificate be prepared.

Determining "natural ground level" is not always straightforward, so it is essential to establish "natural ground levels" before any design or construction work are carried out on site. Before your designer sets the floor levels, contact us to take advantage of our service to find the correct ground level before you start.


Options to consider are:

a) Having height certified based on building designs (i.e. prior to construction) &/or

b) Having height certified after construction (i.e. As-Constructed Survey)


As-Constructed Surveys & Certificates:

In some cases, after your house/building has already been constructed your Building Certifier may require a 'Form 16 (Set-out Certificate) -As Constructed' for either;

Finished Floor Level / Minimum Floor Level - to certify that the floor level meets the 'minimum floor level requirements' in relation to flood levels.

Building Apex Height - to certify that the apex of the building does not exceed the maximum height above "natural ground level" as determined by Council.

or Building Location -  to certify that the building works are wholly located within the property boundaries.


These are all certificates we can provide after completing the relevant fieldwork & calculations.




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